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Binary MLM

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cyberlab Binary MLM web application

Binary MLM Program

Made Easy!

  • Administrator Controls
    1. Generate Activation Codes for Registering Members.
    2. Easy member on-boarding, full admin control, and even member’s details.
    3. Adjustable Pairing Income every level!
    4. Adjustable Direct Referral Reward.
    5. Generate “FREE” codes, and adjust whether they will receive pairing and referral income.
    6. Product Loyalty Program.
    7. Adjustable Rebates, and Indirect Sales Reward for members, EVERY. LEVEL!
    8. Manage Withdrawal Settings, adjust “Admin Fee”, and “Tax” deductions. And even Minimum withdrawal amount.
    9. Adjust Maximum Daily Pairing, and enable SPILL OVER.
    10. View Left and Right carry.
  • Members Panel
    1. Easy Dashboard, Every source of Income is Broken Down.
    2. Page for members to encode their purchase and claim Rebates Instantly!
    3. Clear and Easy withdrawal form.
    4. Manage Profile.